The Quatrune Brain Map

The Quatrune Brain Map proposes that

the arts are foundational to whole-brain functioning.


Based on the perspective of an MacLean’s evolutionary brain,

introduced into medical schools in the 1950’s,

the Quatrune Brain theory proposes that


the arts, when seen on a neurological developmental continuum,

are the formative, humanistic and enriching experiences for life.


Successive pre-verbial levels of experience and expression are necessary

* for the development of the later human cognitive brain functions,

** as successive layers  of neurological developmental,

*** for the progress of survival and thrival skills for the human species,

**** increasing skills for response abilities within the environment.


  When cognitions are separated  from our foundational brain developments,


With public school curricula focusing only

on the reading, ’riting and ‘rithematic levels of expression

this is a form of educational lobotomy  which prevents

whole-brain,  integrative functioning to develop

 a fully functioning child, learner and future citizen.


With creativity seen as the highest form of functioning,

all aspects of creative and natural gifts are developed.

When natural learning modes are identified,

even for the mystery learners in under-staffed classrooms,

and  our future citizens prosper in an enriched society



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